KASA online (Knowledge, Attitude and Skills Assessment) is a multifarious assessment tool developed in tandem with the experts from the corporate world, while understanding how an ideal employee should be. It’s a simple solution to a seemingly complex problem of finding a job and finding the right candidate. Today, several corporate also recognize soft skills as a prerequisite required in a good employee. So how do we find whether we have the right candidate while recruiting or the right person doing the job?

A competent team drives a company’s growth. While finding a pool of apt candidates has always remained a critical HR function, today’s competitive work force turns it into a challenge. Another big trouble which the HR function faces is to identify the talent from within the organisation and most of the times HR is worried about the employee Gallop Scores. As we know, domain skills cannot be the only judging criterion for a suitable candidate. Beyond a degree, a candidate’s knowledge, Attitude and skills commonly known as soft skills, need to be assessed.

When an employee grows, a company grows!

What is KASA (Knowledge, Attitude and Skills Assessment)?

It is a web based service with smart and pre-verified database of job aspirants with their assessment scores-thereby defining every aspirant’s employability quotient. It is a great tool which helps you gauge the persona of the potential candidates or your employees on over 45+ employability related parameters some of which include Leadership skills, Communication skills, Presentation skills, Stress tolerance, Logical Reasoning and Motivation. KASA is not only a tool but also a medium for you to know your employees. You can just ask your prospects or employees to take this 90 min test and get to know about their personality, attitude and more over you get to know them.


  • Entry level self-examination of candidate to know who he is
  • Conduct assessment of strength and weakness of your employees
  • Identify areas of improvements on the basis of the results
  • Do it before appraisal to gauge employee satisfaction
  • Improve employee Gallop Scores
  • Can be customized as per the need

How do I appear for KASA?

It’s simple! Get registered, take the 90-minute KASA test, get assessed, get employability score and know your own potential by yourself. The open doors of corporate world are waiting for you!

Skills Assessed

Leadership Skills

Communication Skills

Presentation Skills

Stress Tolerance

Basic IT Skills


Social Interpersonal Skills

Emotional Intelligence

Quantitative Aptitude

Logical Reasoning

Negotiation Skills

English Language

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