“Opportunity is the most valuable commodity on Earth”

We believe in empowering every person and every organisation to bridge the gap between the un-skilled segment and the talent void present in the Indian economy. The CSR movement is aimed at encouraging such organisations which work to make impact on the society, be in the form of delivering economic, social and environmental benefit.

At Mosaic we are constantly innovating to deepen the impact of our programs which are the medium to create a shift in today’s scenario. Our commitment to the corporate social responsibility and its sustainability is built on a strong foundation of transparency, governance and ethics.

Mosaic has set strategic goals and makes strategic investments in order to advance progress in areas of environmental and social sustainability, responsibility, diversity and inclusion. This conviction has lead our company to harness talent and enable more people to be self sustainable and independent. While we embark on 10 years of our journey, we have trained 100000+ candidates and have been a part of the developing India.The CSR focus of Mosaic is, but not limited to Rural Development, Fostering Entrepreneurship, Women empowerment, Community well-being and Up-skilling the workforce.

Reach your CSR gaols with us!!

Explore business partnerships which intersect with our philosophy and skilling priorities. With the Shared Value Programs, which are focused on an Interactive and Industry Relevant Training Approach, we can together strive to meet the employability needs of our communities. The key focus of all our training programs is on nailing the aspirations of youth who are the future of India. Connect with us to contribute to the national agenda of Skill development through your CSR.


A carefully and properly implemented CSR concept is sure to bring a variety of competitive advantages to companies, such as improved brand image and reputation, enhanced customer loyalty, better decision making improved productivity and quality, and efficient human resource base.

Our success depends on our ability to attract talent and retain the talented and skilled employees. With the strong notion we can say that we have a dedicated team who strongly believes on deliverables. Advancing accountability and improving performances is our main focus. The dedicated team of experts, not only formulates, executes but also provides end to end feedback in the form of timely reports for each and every CSR activity we are doing. This includes, Baseline Study, Need Assessment, Impact assessment, Developing Strategies for corporate/Governments and NGOs & Formulation of projects.

We aspire to lead in improving the socio economic condition by effective implementation of various CSR/developmental projects with support of government and corporates. The focus areas include CSR strategy, program design and sector research.

At Mosaic, we remain committed to engaging in ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders as we help build a more sustainable society.

CSR Services

Baseline Study, Need Assessment, Impact assessment, Strategy making for corporate/Governments and NGOs & Formulation of projects
Implementation of developmental projects in partnership with various Government Agencies and Corporates to execute the best CSR projects ensuring a win-win situation for both corporate and community.

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Government Projects

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