With the technological and economic advancement in India, today most of the companies have a very strong inclination towards the candidates who surpass the others in terms of Employability Skills and Communication Skills. These two competencies are an ingrained need that the companies envisage as an important part of effective and successful participation at the workplace. Apart from these, an employer also focuses at the use of corporate English, the knowledge of business language and comprehensive disposition of the candidate. Most of the Indian youth are literary but do not nurture Industry focused learning.

Mosaic is a leading provider of comprehensive research oriented and technology based solutions, has a wondrous approach to the torment list of competencies which a candidate must possess while going for a job role. We have a seamless blend of innovative learning model, highly effective contents, personalized training services and Internet-based technology platform to instil confidence in the youth towards career progression. 4 Q Learning empowers the candidates with essential communication and employability skills critical for success in the current economy. 4Q Learning is an approach for classroom-based training and is a model to deliver knowledge to the learners in group settings.

The four quadrants of this approach are:

Usable Technology

A customizable web based technology that uses a tool which is incorporated with highly effective content that is simple and interactive.

Trainer’s Support

Empowered trainers conducting language classes using this solution, as they are the ones who lead and help the students to succeed in their training.

Onsite Facilitation

The solution includes facilitators to embed the training and empowerment on an ongoing basis. The facilitators provide an additional on-site assistance for trainers.

Effective & Scientific feedback

The key component of our solution that sets us apart from a typical learning model is our decade-long academic and practical experience of using results on the field to assess and improve the impact of our learning services on a continual basis.

Individuals who possess knowledge, skills and understanding are able to participate and progress in education, training and employment as well as develop and secure the broader range of aptitude, attitude and behaviour that enables them to make a positive contribution to the communities in which they live and work. Their explicit inclusion in 4Q training package represents the progression of competency based training into a system which develops the full range of transferable skills, attitudes and behaviour required for successful participation in the workplace.

Having these skills will lead to:

  • Good oral communication skills
  • More productive relationships with other people
  • Obtain the information required from organizations and individuals
  • Explain things clearly and make a case
  • Relate well to peers and colleagues
  • More successful careers
  • Reduce risk of experiencing conflict and aggression from others

Functional English Employability Skills (F.E.E.S)

“Enterprises are increasingly asking for Employability Skills, and as a result learners and candidates need to know what these skills are and how to demonstrate them.”

With the opening up of the economy, Indian youth are increasingly offered opportunities with global perspective. While majority of them have learnt English at some level, they are often ill equipped as to the nuances of the language. Lack of linguistic adeptness, poor communicative and personal skills often confine Indian Youth to the lower levels of the organization totem pole, in spite of high technical knowledge.

Mosaic provides the essential knowledge, skills and understanding that enable a user to work confidently, effectively and independently in life and at work. Individuals who possess these skills are able to participate and progress in education, training and employment as well as develop and secure the broader range of aptitude, attitude and behaviour that will enable them to make a positive contribution to the communities in which they live and work.

A comprehensive training schedule that combines Functional English training with thorough grounding in Employability Skills, this course is especially tailor-made for the students from colleges and coaching institutes who are at the threshold of starting their career. Both the courses adopt Mosaic’s 4Q approach.

Functional English Course helps:

  • Improve language skills in all 4 core components of English learning
  • Develop a higher degree of comfort in using English as a language of interaction in daily life
  • Develop higher confidence levels required to progress in education and career
  • Use of linguistic and functional skill to improve productivity in an enterprise

Employability Skills Course helps:

  • Develop competencies required to undertake and manage tasks effectively
  • Develop competencies required to evaluate , reshape and assign tasks effectively

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